so damn lucky

Yes, indeed.  So lucky to have the time and ability to spend this afternoon wielding a tattered brush for a  a second coat of thick and durable white exterior paint on Victoria's front porch.  Another shift of free-lance volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.  The next two months Sara and I are coordinating our church's efforts on a build with other United Methodist congregations.  This time I joined a crew from Qdoba restaurants on a really cute light blue, two-story, 4-bedroom and 2 bath home for Victoria and her three little kids.

Sara taking Labor Day literally on a Habitat build site

Terry and I shared the work on the porch with the excited homeowner and we of course got to chatting.  We covered the basics and when asked if I worked, I said I did not.  Lovely Terry from the Qdoba office staff remarked, "you are so lucky to get to spend the day volunteering".  Terry has been waiting for months for this day, she was so happy to be outside on a pretty day working on a breezy porch.

The story took a bit of a turn when she mentioned she was going to the hospital tomorrow.  Turns out Terry's mammogram two weeks ago found a tumor and she's having a lumpectomy for stage 1 breast cancer in the morning.  She said she was sleepless and anxious, but at that moment she was just beaming with speckles of white paint all over her pretty face and a big smile.  She postponed her surgery (with the encouragement of her nurse, God bless the nurses) three days just to have the opportunity to volunteer today.  She hadn't shared her situation with many people until today.  She posted it on facebook asking for prayers that the cancer has not spread.  I am praying for you, Terry.

So for today, no recipes.  Just a bit of reflection.  Life is good.  Not every day is easy, but that's what it's about, right?

Tomorrow is tailgate prep day, so there will be little time for deep thoughts.  Just lots of shopping, cooking and baking.  And most definitely some music.

Here's a clip of a favorite Dave song, "So Damn Lucky".  Enjoy the music.


  1. Words to live by. Thank you for sharing and my heart goes out to Terry


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