do one thing a day that scares you-lululemon manifesto

I carry the Lululemon manifesto in my wallet and keep another copy in my vanity drawers for a little motivation.  Way back in October on a Purdue "away" game Saturday morning I joined a complimentary yoga class at the Lululemon showroom in Broadripple, a crazy little space that is aesthetically just right.  The yoga instructor from a studio in downtown Indy played music I love and took us through a blend of yoga poses and core work and I have not gone a week without yoga ever since.

Six months before that first class I "retired" from my apprentice Pilates career at a personal crossroads that led me back home and out of the unpaid workforce to focus on my family.  I missed the Pilates reformer workouts and kept up with core work taking some boot camp classes and as always working out at home.  But then along came yoga.  In November, The Yoga Center opened nearby in Clay Terrace and I joined in the very first (rocking) hot vinyasa class in their new location along with at least 50 others (and now I know why the girl on the mat next to mine had such a beautiful practice, she's one of my favorite teachers).

You've read about my 30-day yoga challenge and why I practice so faithfully.  In case you missed it, my devotion to the practice stems from the amazing moments of pure physical bliss and mental peace.  Moments where I truly do not have anything else swimming through my thoughts other than my focus on breathing and moving.  Nothing.  No lists.  No worries.  No numbers.  No questions.  No answers.  Just nothing.  A state of mind I can not remember, since I have very vague memories of my early childhood (that's a whole 'nother story) and over-programmed has been my natural state since middle school.  Nothing.  Nada.  I can not tell you how happy I was the first time I truly experienced the lovely nothingness, the just being.  For a semi-reformed type-A, control freak mom, that moment meant I'd return to my mat searching for more moments.  More nothing, more space, more room.......

To bring this full circle, I suppose I have Lululemon and that great complimentary class to thank for my love of yoga and it's love of me.

So now I'm reading the manifesto in preparation for a group interview at said Lululemon showroom.  I'm 14-weeks from being an empty nester and it's time to earn a little money and challenge myself a bit.  Do you see on the manifesto "do one thing a day that scares you"?  I do.  It's right there staring my down.  Can I just focus on one of my favorites, "friends are more important than money"?  Or one that I find super easy most days, "sweat once a day"?  Can I just "dance, sing, floss and travel"?  Too easy, already a part of my life.  No, I need to challenge myself.  So here's why I am writing tonight.  The one thing tomorrow that scares me is leaving my beautiful, wonderful, brilliant and talented Kelly at the airport with her massive backpack so she can fly to London and start her 10-week study abroad tour of Europe (10 weeks, 10 countries, 12 credits, one backpack, no phone, one new iPad 2, London to Istanbul).  Go, do, learn, have fun, but don't go, don't be 21, don't leave me....... scares me, so I'm writing while she's packing.

Wednesday, is the aforementioned group interview guaranteed to scare me as I walk up the stairs to that cute showroom surely the oldest girl in the room with the least work experience, but the greatest life experience.  

Thursday, my beautiful, wonderful, brilliant and talented Sara graduates from high school and we'll spend all summer getting her ready for her next four years at Duke.  So far away, but so amazing.  Go, do, learn, grow, have fun, be amazing but don't go, don't be a college girl, don't leave me.....scares me so I'm writing while she's out at grad parties.

I'm still cooking, don't worry I'll post on Monday when I'm waiting for an e-mail or skype from Kelly and watching Sara study for her finals.  Tonight I'm writing and breathing and just being.  Thanks for "listening".  You know this blog is part of the balance that keeps me going.

There will be a lot of yoga in the coming weeks to keep me calm (yes, and to help me look good in my summer clothes it's not all about the zen).  There will be a lot of posting too.  I have new cookbooks and it's time for the farmer's market and the wonderful world of fresh, local produce.



  1. I have this manifesto at my house's my favorite. Love this post because I'm walking behind you in your shadows right now. In the Fall I'll have a new one at the middle school, a new one at the high school, and one starting her Senior year. It's all happening way too fast--yoga slows it down. I feel so much better when I'm on that mat...better health, better clarity, better peace, and better physical and emotional balance.

    Great post. I loved every word.

  2. A marvelous post. I also crave that stillness that comes form yoga. Let's all cheer for "Serenity Now" You are a great mom and because of that Kelly and Sara will never be far away from you even if they are geographically. Can't wait til next weekend.



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