well, that was a long break from posting

So, what's new in your world?  Nothing terribly much in mine, just the busy-ness of working full-time and still having my work of running the Rogers household.  Average attendance at the Rogers household hovers around 1.5 people (a cat and a guinea pig) with Greg traveling and the girls almost always on campus but amazingly there is still plenty to be done or not done as the case may be.  We built our beautiful 5-bedroom, 4 1/2 bath home 11-years ago knowing full well two bedrooms would be empty 95% of the time, but for race weekend (to those of you not in Indy, it might be known as Memorial weekend) and other holidays they would come in handy.  Four extra bedrooms makes for a very quiet house, but the cat seems to like all the nap-time choices.  Besides, we love our house (even empty and quiet) and we love our yard against the woods.

But since I last published a post, our lovely home was full to overflowing for the celebration of Greg's 50th birthday with our friends Mike and Tina (yep, the ones with the amazing lake house in northern Alabama), Kelly and the big surprise (to Greg, yeah!) of Sara home for the weekend.  The celebration centered around Purdue's last home football game of Kelly's Purdue career and the classic match-up of two football powerhouses (sarcasm), the Purdue Boilermakers and the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Our awesome neighbors, the Wedes are Iowa fans (Bob's a Hawkeye and Tammy is apparently not their good-luck charm so he made her wear Purdue gear and guess who won?) so they were in and the party just grew and grew.  Kelly invited all of our favorite Purdue bloggers (Boiled Sports, Hammer and Rails and Jumbo Heroes - look them up if you're a Boilermaker).  Lance and Dawn our tailgate partners-in-crime helped pull off our biggest tailgate of the season and we're all looking into the future now and wondering what it will be like to have just the four of us gathered around the grill.  Truly that looks a little boring to all of us and we're sure we'll recruit friends for every game or just have that civilized gathering we see next to us on occasion.  Not sure we can pull off quiet and civilized!  Many thanks to all who brought food and drink and made the day one for the record books.  It would have been nice to include a "W" for the Boilers, but honestly we are sadly used to the "L".  Whatever, great day and we're still off to a bowl game in a few weeks!  Yes, it's in Detroit but so is my BFF Susan and her family.  Win-win!  Well, if one of my lulu pals will switch with me.  

So that was probably the biggest reason nothing was posted for so long.  But a close second would be me finally deciding to transfer my computer world from my vintage iMac to Sara's newer iMac since she now operates on her beloved MacBook Pro as all college students do (well, accept for Kelly who just has a MacBook which has been overhauled twice courtesy of her extended warranty and she loves it anyway).  Thought I'd start the process while my IT consultants were still at home.  When you are moving 17,000 photos from a computer showing serious signs of instability you might need some help.  And if you try everything for ten days with your beloved vintage iMac sitting in the office and no longer on the kitchen island you lose the ease of effort and most seriously the time needed to write a post.  So last Saturday morning when I determined I knew just how to make the transfer happen I apparently did not.  And this all came to a tear-inducing peak of frustration when for a few gut-wrenching hours I "lost" 16,500 of those  photos.  It's a wonderful thing to live near an Apple store.  It's a nut-house crazy thing to make and appointment at the Apple Store on a holiday shopping Saturday when you have to carry in two computers and two back-up hard drives.  But, there is a reason we call them "geniuses".  All's well that ends well.  I'm on the newer computer and ready to get back to it.  Can't decide where this computer will live.  It's big for the kitchen island if the girls are home and we are just days away from everyone home for winter break so I'll probably be writing to you from the office formerly known as "Sara's office" and leave the island open for rolling out Christmas cookie dough, reading the paper and eating breakfast and lunch.  When everyone's home we eat around the table.  If it were up to me, we'd only eat at the table but some members of my family do not find that worth the trouble.  But we will be cooking and baking and I will get back to posting.  And yoga.  And cardio.  There will be balance.   Or there will be naps, which is where my cardio is headed today after closing last night and opening this morning after an affirming and fun staff meeting at lululemon.

Tell you what, it's time for me to roast some vegetables for dinner (just for me, but I'm worth it) and if I added a recipe now it would be the world's longest post.  Let's just leave this as is and part with plans to continue later this evening and or tomorrow after work.  It's nice to be back.  I've missed you!

I will leave you with my favorite photos from Greg's birthday weekend.  And the reminder to back-your photo library.  

Greg's parents joining the pre-game night

I give good presents.  Greg was just a little happy to see Sara.

Kelly crafted a drinking paddle for her Dad.  Love it!

Greg with Tina and Mike

breakfast and the hilarious poster Mike made for Greg

Greg's AARP certificate.  Funny Boy, Mike's 50th is in 2013 btw.

us and our neighbors, the famous Bob and Tammy (yes, it was cold just like it looks)

more friends:  Maureen and Dave

the foursome (us with Lance and Dawn)

you just have to do this 

the men of Boiled Sports with two of of their biggest fans

Kelly, Kimmie and Greg (drinking buddies)

Kimmie and Sara (sisters of a kind)


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