grilling favorite: turkey breast

Quick tip of the day courtesy of my awesome neighbor, Tammy:  grill a turkey breast on a regular basis.  So easy and so moist and flavorful.  Here's the scoop:  preheat your grill, rinse the turkey breast under cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.  Rub it all over with olive oil.  Rub in your favorite spice rub.  I usually do mine with fabulous Legends Barbecue Rub from Season's Harvest in Michigan (I stock up every fall on our annual dinner club weekend, but you can order it online).  You can't do this part wrong, use what you like or blend your own.  Place the prepared breast in the middle of your grill. Turn your grill down to medium low or wherever you need to go to get it to cook at 350 degrees.  Roast for 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees.  Every now and then grab your glass of wine and venture out to the grill to make sure the temperature is steady and the breast hasn't fallen over or caught on fire or some other undesired event has occurred.  Use a quick read thermometer and check for doneness (about 165 degrees, it will rise to 170 degrees as it rests).  Let the turkey rest for 10-15 minutes, slice and serve.  If you have a small family like I do, you will have leftovers for salads and sandwiches at a fraction of the price of deli turkey.

Greg and I rescued a turkey breast from Super Target two days before it's sell-by date (so it was $3 off) and  promptly took it home and grilled it.  We had a nice happy hour at his parent's house (they live in our neighborhood, we're lucky that way) and came home to find it still cooking nicely so I had time to cook some polenta and broccolini.  Toss a salad and it's dinner!

Next time we grill one, I'll post some pictures.

For  now, this is what the beginning of April looks like in our yard this year (about 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule easy).  So lush.  Love it!

can't miss Greg in his lululemon top, good to have along on a bike ride at dusk

under the crab apple tree on standard, probably still have petals in my hair

fothergilla in the back yard


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