fast forward: Cinco de Mayo is Saturday

Okay, I'm back.   And when I'm not working at the store, I will be here doing laundry and sorting dorm/sorority house stuff with my girls in hopes of reclaiming the upstairs hallway and the bonus room before the family rolls in for Purdue graduation/Mother's Day weekend.  Between now and then, however is Cinco de Mayo and that requires a post for you.

I love, love, love Mexican food.  I never used to eat Mexican away from home unless I was in California or Mexico, because I like the good stuff all fresh and layered in flavor.  I have never eaten at Taco Bell and that along with having never watched, "Titanic" or "It's a Wonderful Life" are two of the quirkiest things about me.  However, good Mexican is getting easier to find and one of my favorites is in Durham where we dined with Sara and her future roommate and best friend, Annie and her dad this past week.  The Blue Corn Cafe makes some creative and delicious Mexican and some great mojitos (right, not Mexican but it's nice to have a libation with dinner on a college campus, but it's not necessary to go super deep with the tequila).  I had chicken tinga tacos with rice and plantains.  Yum.  I'll figure those out someday and give you a new little post.  

For now let's review the posts that might interest you for Saturday.  My blog looks it's best in this newer format but I know the search function is basically useless.  If you scroll through most of my posts, the search might work because the pages have loaded.  If you just Google search using my blog title and the dish you are looking for, it's faster.  Believe me, I'd like Google to give me a pretty page design with full functionality and it appears some bloggers have figured it out.  Alas, I am not yet one of them.  But I do know how to link you to my recipes, so here's a few of my favorites you can whip up this weekend!


my secret ingredient for making chicken and beef instantly amazing



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