squash, it's not just for decorating: roasted spaghetti squash with hazelnuts and herbs

This one is for Sara, my child (well, she's 20 but she's still my child) who really really loves squash of any variety.  Not to leave out my other child (right, she's 22 but she's still my child), Kelly who really really loves squash too, but was off at college before we discovered everyone in the family loves it.  Let's review some of our favorites:  butternut squash skillet lasagna so good with italian turkey sausage and a lightened parmesan cream sauce with sage, acorn squash with rosemary and brown sugar sliced acorn squash browned in a skillet and braised with white wine, roasted spaghetti squash with marina super  easy and a fun switch from pasta and, of course, straight up baked acorn squash.  When your picking out your pumpkins, buy some winter squash for cooking or baking.  Or, cheat a little and buy the peeled, seeded and cubed butternut squash at Costco.  Genius.

gorgeous pumpkins and zinnias near Three Oaks, Michigan

look at all of these acorn squash, Sara!

I think Martha Stewart posted the following adapted recipe on her facebook page.  How does she have the time?  Ha.  It's always the clean layout and beautiful photography that pulls me in.  This recipe for roasted spaghetti squash and herbs with hazelnuts needed to be prepared one of those evenings when I was feeding just myself.  Greg would have to throw in some ground turkey or chicken sausage.  Well, actually it would be delicious with real honest pork sausage and that would truly be how he would enjoy it.  So if you are feeding meat-eaters brown some bulk pork sausage (mild or medium with sage would be a good complement) and toss it in the bowl with the squash and herbs.  Let me know how yummy it is.  Meanwhile, I'll share this vegetarian version for my veggie friends.  And I better do it quickly because how is it 6:08 pm already and I haven't even started tonight's dinner?  I have had a great day off starting my third 30-day yoga challenge this morning at The Yoga Center in Broad Ripple, tennis practice with my awesome team this afternoon at Carmel Racquet Club and a quick trip to lulu to try on some cute things I just couldn't wait until tomorrow evening when I work to see for myself.  This is how it's now 6:10 pm and dinner isn't started or really even decided.

Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Hazelnuts and Herbs

1 3-4 pound spaghetti squash, halved lengthwise and seeded (use a serious chef's knife)
1 T olive oil
1 T brown sugar, light or dark
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
1/3 C freshly grated Parmesan
1/2 C loosely packed chopped Italian/flat-leaf parsley, stems removed
1/2 C loosely packed chopped cilantro, stems removed
1/4 C toasted and coarsely chopped hazelnuts

Heat oven to 400 degrees.  If you need to toast your hazelnuts, when the oven is around 325 degrees put them on a baking sheet and toast them for 5 minutes or so as the oven heats up to 400 degrees.  Keep an eye on them so they do not burn.

Brush cut sides of spaghetti squash with olive oil and sprinkle with brown sugar, a little kosher salt (maybe 1/2 tsp between both halves) and grind some black pepper on top (about 1/2 tsp or more).  Roast until tender (check with a fork to see if strands easily pull away), about 40-45 minutes (I use my convection oven at 400 degrees for about 35 minutes).  Let cool for about 10 minutes.  Use a fork to pull long strands of squash into a serving bowl.  Toss with Parmesan, parsley, cilantro and hazelnuts.  Taste for salt and pepper and serve immediately.
halved, olive oil, salt, pepper and brown sugar rubbed

baked and fork ready

ready to toss

And I mean that literally.  While I was loading pictures I whipped up some pasta with pancetta tomato cream sauce (no cream, fat free half and half and culinary thickener).  7:08 pm and time to eat!


  1. Kristin! I finally remembered your website and have enjoyed browsing through your fantastic recipe posts! I just picked up a couple squash yesterday on a quick run to the grocery, but hadn't actually decided what I was going to make with them. After this post, I think my spaghetti squash has a plan! This recipe looks fantastic! I will for sure become a routine visitor to your site now. Well done!


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