Yoga community love: almond flax chocolate power bars

Trying something new with this post;  using the Blogger App on my iPhone while "out of the office". Pretty sure auto correct and I will tangle over the next hour or so as my thumbs fumble across the keyboard without actual keys.  But mid way through vacation I should be able to find some patience with myself and my limited iPhone typing skills. 

Last week some of my favorite people worked together to launch Spincycle and a new location of The Yoga Studio in one amazing space. I love our yoga community in Indy and I love my job for connecting me to so many beautiful people and practices.  The week started with Amanda's 5:45 am get your week started right spin class and ended with Tiffany's challenging evening vinyasa class / lulu party.  In between, Sharon's super motivating spin class left Sara and I ready to take on just about anything.  

So if you are having a party after a hot vinyasa class you probably should show up with something with a solid nutritional pedigree.  But since since it"s a party you can throw in a little chocolate. 

This recipe is from a party after a rooftop yoga class with another group of favorite yoga friends.   Yoga friends overlap in some amazing ways to make up one very inspirational community.  This power bar recipe is vegan and crazy delicious.  The bars need to be refrigerated. Thy warm quickly ad maybe some day I will figure out the twist needed to make them a bit sturdier and more portable. 

Maybe you don't have Stevia or agave nectar in your pantry, but they are worthy additions. If you have Celtic sea salt, I will be very impressed.   I did not have I but live using it now that it's part of my cooking and baking arsenal.   When I made these last week, I did not have almonds in any significant quantity (unusual), but I did have a big bag of hazelnuts (more unusual).  I had plenty of chocolate chips, but I also had a nice block of Callebaut milk chocolate that really I just wanted to nibble a bit and knew it would make the bars really good.  So use what you like.  Give it your own twist.  Then just try not to eat half the pan.  Tempting!

Almond Flax Chocolate Power Bars

2 C almonds 
1/2 C flax meal 
1/2 C unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 C creamy natural almond or peanut butter
1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt
4 drops Stevia
1/2 C coconut oil
I T agave nectar (or more to taste)
1 T vanilla
1/2 C chopped chocolate or chocolate chips (pick your favorite)

Process the almonds, flax meal, coconut, nut butter and sea salt until combined about 30 seconds.  Over very low heat melt the coconut oil in a small pan. Add coconut oil, stevia, agave nectar and vanilla to processor and pulse to blend into a paste.  Add in chocolate and pulse to combine.  Press mixture into an 8x8 or 9x9 pan and refrigerate at least an hour. It into bars and serve. 

Makes 16-20 bars


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