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give it a go: the very best focaccia

Well, now that I dusted off this situation let's see what else has been lingering in draft form.  Here's a great tragedy, you could have been baking this ridiculously good focaccia for the last few years.  But unless you also own the excellent cookbook from Flour in Boston,  well, you have been missing this recipe for easy and amazing focaccia.  We are here today to remedy the situation.  Homemade focaccia should be started mid day for serving for dinner.  It will take you about 20 minutes to make the dough followed by at least an hour and a half to rise and less than half an hour to bake.  It can be on your table in just under 3 hours.  So worth the small effort and short wait. You really need to be comfortable with olive oil as an ingredient.  So much information out there about cooking oils.  Oh, and flour, because you know this is bread so it is mainly flour.  Clearly I am not afraid of either.  Anyway, you use a half-cup of olive oil here which I guarantee is the reason

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