getting in the groove (or not)

Since school is out, it is officially summer and this brings up two questions: 1.  since I will no longer have school children living under my roof is it always going to be summer?  and 2.  will we ever get in the flow and find a little routine?  Guess the problem this week has been that there has not been a dinner served and /or eaten together at normal dinner time since Monday.  Sara's working the 12-8 shift many days and I have summer tennis up to three nights a week.  Not good for the blogging routine.  So tonight I'll sort through my pictures and recipes, because I have been cooking and baking and I'll get something together.  Promise.

In the meantime, here's a photo sent tonight via twitter from Kelly's iPad 2 (a truly miraculous little machine).  While we are searching for some kind of routine (and food), she is picnicking under the Eiffel Tower with our friends from Brazil (how's that for a small world?) or enjoying baguettes, cheese and wine on a boat cruise along the Seine.

When she was enjoying London I was completely at peace with the situation, but the twinkly lights on the Eiffel Tower and her skype stories of pastry shops popping up everywhere like Starbucks are kind of killing me.  She is quite obviously having the time of her life and I am thrilled for her.  Some day I'll see it all too.  For now I'll watch the French Open and see it all through the little cameras on her iPad.

My passport is current.  Just saying.....

Bon nuit, mes amis.


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