random thoughts and a video share

Working girl needs another day or two to pull together a post with a recipe.  Should be easy, you know it's summer when you go to Costco and Meijer and decide that although their produce is bountiful and well-priced, you need to wait until the weekend and see what's up at the farmer's markets around town.  Happiness is fresh and local and in the Midwest you appreciate the bounty of summer.  You also learn to embrace the humidity and heat one day and the grey skies and cool breeze the next.

This evening we could hear the Village of WestClay swim meet around the corner and it was maybe 67 degrees with a gusty cool breeze and heavy clouds.  A northeastern Ohio swim meet night if there ever was one.   I was a summer swimmer and eventually lifeguard, swim instructor and swim coach.  More than my fair share of those moments when you dive into the lake or pool and you're sure you'll have a heart attack when the frigid water hits your sternum.  But it was all worth it to bundle up in your sweatshirts and blankets and like jello powder off your fingers.  We ate boxes of jello for energy at swim meets, whose brilliant idea was that?  I learned to swim in a lake, the same one we would skate on in the winter and I love how that's so foreign to my kids.  I also love the old team pictures and how my husband's team wore the same suits a state away:  Speedo suits with the vertical red/white stripes or the stars and stripes versions we must have worn the summers around the USA bicentennial (yes, do the math I was 13 that year and totally awkward in my loose suit with the stretched out straps pulled together with a shoe lace).  My first summers guarding and teaching were spent in wooden guard chairs at murky lakes.  I still thank God that no one drowned on my watch.

Best get back to my studying (loving my lululemon experience, but so much to learn).  Really just wanted to check in and make sure you've seen this highly amusing video.  If you shop at Whole Foods (and you should if there's one in your neighborhood), you will giggle.


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