Tailgate Classics

Today I spent my one weekday off just like my old Carmel Housewife days:  yoga, grocery, walk/run, lunch, tailgate prep and a little cleaning.  Gorgeous cooler weather.  Football maybe be so pretty, but it's another "directional" school visiting Purdue tomorrow.  One can hope.
Anyway, tomorrow we have special guests at our tailgate, one of Kelly's favorite sisters (Kimmie, we love her too and I'm sure she's made it into some pictures) has her parents in from Pennsylvania for their very first Purdue tailgate experience.  It's the girls' senior year, so no time like the present.
The girls are starting early with the Breakfast Club (i.e. wearing costumes and hitting the bars at 5 a.m.) so they'll want food by the time we get up there.  Kelly's pledge class is dressing according to the 50 states theme.  Kelly, I believe, is New Mexico.  This should be good.
So it's classics on the menu tomorrow:  guacamole from my very first post, queso because college students (and my nephew, Jacob who is coming along tomorrow) love it, macaroni and cheese because legal-age sorority girls need it, barbecue chicken (no trick there, shredded rotisserie chicken simmered in Austin's Own barbecue sauce from Whole Foods), burgers, rocky road squares and the amazing full tray of apple pie squares (this time with egg/milk wash and coarse sugar sprinkles instead of icing just because I like it better).
Have an amazing weekend!  Next week with any luck I'll continue to adapt to my working girl life and find time to post (my new goal is twice a week).  This week I also squeezed in work on our Central Indiana United Methodist Church Habitat for Humanity build.  Super fun day.  Second day of construction so I was caulking where wall panels met and driving a few nails (just for entertainment, you do not want me hammering at critical junctures these nails were just extras while we waiting to raise the roof trusses).  Find your local Habitat chapter online and sign up to be a general volunteer.  You'll love it.  Safe, decent and affordable housing.  A basic need.  Kind of like apple pie.

look what's sitting on my cooktop!


  1. my goal is to make each of these recipes this month. yum! would love to come to a habitat build some day with you. my sister does them in st. louis and enjoys it a lot. enjoy. miss ya on the mat!


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