how hard can it be? honey roasted peanut butter

One of my best finds this summer from the farmer's market is some amazing peanut butter crafted by a nice young man and recent college grad from a neighboring town.  I bought one jar of trail mix and one jar of banana bread granola and took some into work with an apple for lunch one day.  Everyone had to try it and when I went back to the market to buy a case for Sara to share (or not) at Duke and to fill orders from my lulu friends, the peanut butter guy was on vacation.  No time to wait until next week, so I headed to Trader Joe's for some reasonably priced ingredients that I didn't have in my pantry and fired up my big, sturdy food processor.

This recipe is definitely just a starting point.  So far I've made white chocolate/pretzel peanut butter and hazelnut/chocolate peanut butter.  Why bother, you might ask?  Well, it's fun and easy plus I add flax for more omega-3's and then it's all about what I don't add.  Pretty straight up delicious.  

It's time to hold me to my goal of posting three times a week.  The house is empty again.  Well, it's full of stuff but empty of people.  I'm still part-time at work.  Tailgates and football season are less than two weeks away, so you know I'll be cooking.  Plus, like the omega-3's, it's good for me.  So if you're a local follower and you see me out and about (hint:  come to lulu, go to yoga or call me up for some tennis) ask me how my posting goal is going.  

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter with White Chocolate and Pretzels

1 pound dry roasted unsalted peanuts
1 pound honey roasted peanuts
4 heaping T flaxseed
2-4 T of coconut oil
3/4-1 C white chocolate chips (I like Ghiradelli)
1 C coarsely crushed pretzels (I used whole wheat)

Process peanuts, flaxseed and 2 T coconut oil until smooth (it will be grainy).  In my processor, after about 3-4 minutes the mixture would come together and lift up a bit from the bowl like when dough finally comes together).  Check and see if you want to add a little more oil for your desired consistency.  Pulse in the chocolate chips and pretzels so there are still a few coarse pieces.  Makes two 16-ounce jars.  Share it within a day or two and then refrigerate it.  With no preservatives and no hot process canning going on, I'd say to use within a couple of weeks (Alton Brown's recipe on says it will keep for up to 2 months in the refrigerator).  It's so good, that won't be a problem!

base of dry roasted unsalted peanuts, honey roasted peanuts and flax seed

peanut butter taste testers Sara's last night at home 


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