luxury lunch: roasted peach and avocado sandwich

roasted peach and avocado sandwich
What does someone who writes a food blog do for lunch or dinner on her day off when she's the only human in her lovely home?  Does she go out?  Does she grab something from Whole Foods?  Heat up something from Trader Joe's?  Take it easy?  Well, most of the time she actually cooks.  She likes hot and or fresh food and her kitchen and pantry are usually pretty well stocked.

Yes, it's almost inexplicable how I will make more work for myself with prep, cooking and dishes to do, but I get hungry and for me time in the kitchen (within reason) is actually fun.  I have a good radio in there and a great local station, wtts 92.3fm (you too can listen online or on your smart phone because there is an app for that) for background music.  Often at lunchtime when it's just me and the cat,  I listen to sports talk radio for some company (really, not as sad as that sounds).  If you've followed me for a while you'll know that I actually call in or tweet and get on the air with Dan Dakich, a local broadcaster  Greg and I both enjoy (which is pretty amazing considering he is a former IU player and coach) because he's honest and funny.  I'm even the "Official Carmel Housewife of the Dan Dakich Show" Basically the title means that if I have something to say,  I stand a pretty good chance of getting on the air.  The added bonus is my being on a sports talk radio show is high quality entertainment for my family and my friends that listen.  Last week I sent a little tweet about the upcoming BMW Championship while I made this sandwich.  I'm a marshall on hole 18 (can't wait) and had to chime in before he spoke with a tour player.

So on this particular day, I had made my weekly stop at my favorite produce stand after my very favorite hot yoga class.  I had peaches to spare and decided to treat myself to a good lunch.  When I last visited home, we had a family outing to the West Side Market and I enjoyed a roasted peach sandwich on ciabatta with pancetta, farmer's cheese, arugula, scallions and roasted peaches from the Market at the Fig (a brilliant restaurant recommendation from my awesome sister-in-law, Karen who knows way more about my hometown than I do and she's only lived there three years).  That lunch was my inspiration for this luxury lunch for one.  You'll note I don't give any measurements, you can make however many sandwiches you would like.  Ciabatta would be a great bread.  Any type of bacon, pancetta or even prosciutto would be excellent if your sandwich needs to have meat to qualify as a lunch.  Even a fried egg would be amazing, but since I don't eat them (no good reason why) you can try that for me!

Roasted Peach and Avocado Sandwich

slices of artisan whole grain bread
olive oil
fresh peaches, sliced
arugula, spinach or baby greens
nonfat plain Greek yogurt (fresh, spreadable farmer's cheese or goat cheese would be great too)
freshly ground salt and pepper
optional:  cooked bacon or pancetta

Roast your peaches by brushing a pan with a little olive oil and cooking your peaches over medium heat in a griddle or shallow pan until a little caramelized and browned, maybe 5-7 minutes per side.  Wipe your pan (or not, I didn't mind some roasted bits on the outside of my sandwich) and add a little more olive oil.  Spread one slice of bread with yogurt.   Place your bread on your griddle pan and start constructing your sandwich.  Grind a little salt and pepper on top of all the stacked ingredients and top with second slice of bread.  Cook until heated through, turning once about 5 minutes per side.  Slice and serve immediately.

ingredients:  look at those roasted peaches!

building the sandwich

ready to put it together

luxury lunch!

Photos from last month's trip to the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio:

okay, can you just not fry them so I could indulge more often?

love Cleveland aka the Land of Cleve



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