expanding my "brand": tumblr

Why not?  Let's give tumblr a try!  Decent iPhone app, lovely layouts, easy interface and one more way to get my recipes out there.  One post down and so far have not needed to wake up my bi-coastal tech support staff (i.e. my daughter Kelly in LA and my daughter Sara in NC).  My summer hiatus took a beating on my google analytics and although that's not really why I write, it is motivation to get back to posting two or three times a week.

So if you haven't tried tumblr, create a little account for yourself and start following some feeds.  ALl the cool kids are doing it.  Right?  Search for blueskiesandlime and you'll find mine!

tailgate time!

Since you're here, let's do a quick little food post.  College football season has finally come back around.  Thank goodness.  It's time to tailgate and or hunker down in front of the big screen and watch some football!  Yesterday was our first tailgate at Purdue in forever without having any of our children there.  We bought season tickets in 2001 and the girls would bring their scooters and coast down the cart paths on the golf course where we parked before the game and they'd go into the game and love the whole spectacle of it.  But you can't have a dad so heavily emotionally invested in the outcome and not become the same kind of crazy fan.  The girls were quick students of the game and before long they were sentenced to the life long agony of being a Boiler Football fan, so much promise every year and then somehow you know it will all start to go south.  Maybe this will be the year.  Every first game so excited thinking the analysts could be wrong, we could be good when the competition heats up in the Big Ten.  So much hope.  Despite our middle of the pack, at best, status the girls love their college football and our Boilermakers.  We loved having Kelly on campus and having all of her friends come by the tailgate and we are so looking forward to having them all back as alumni for Homecoming this year.  Plus we have the added bonus of that weekend being Duke's fall break and we're flying Sara home so we'll all be together for one tailgate this year.  Can't wait!

Meanwhile, we welcomed my BFF's son and Purdue freshman, JD to our little tailgate for the season opener.  He saved us from it being a four person tailgate which is just kind of sad.  Whole Foods had a great "bundle" deal on Friday and so I let them make my beef and cheddar burgers, buns, potato salad and an apple pie for $20.  Really, how could I pass that up?  Even someone who loves to cook and bake also appreciates a break.  I did, however, make my adult beverage for the day.  We were battling the remnants of hurricane Isaac and were thankful for our tent for the pre-game.  The rain abated by game time and then the heat and humidity rolled in.  But by the end of a game in which our beloved Boilers rolled, despite some serious errors, a fabulous breeze picked up and we hung out a while and enjoyed it.  In honor of the weather and our mutual love of the island of St. John where Greg first tried this drink, I mixed up some dark and stormies.  My twist is to go heavy on the fresh lime juice.  True to my brand.  You need ginger beer, which is an adult beverage.  Barritt's is available here and the last time I had one was on Jost Van Dyke, so it's a really good memory for me.  Cheers!

Bluesky Dark and Stormy

2 oz. dark rum
3 oz. ginger beer
juice of two medium fresh limes (at least 1/4 cup)
crushed ice or party ice from your tailgate cooler

Stir and enjoy!

on the scenic drive to West Lafayette 

best footwear practices for a rainy day on the golf course
and our family brick at Ross-Ade Stadium
two shoes are missing from this picture, but are happily in
places where the weather is better


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