can't leave you hanging, grilled pizza recipe

I'm thinking I've mentioned grilling pizza more than once so while dinner is cooking, here's a second post for today. I usually use the pizza dough recipe on King Arthur Flour's Perfect Pizza Blend flour (yes, I am that girl, the one that has flours and ingredients delivered to her doorstep but King Arthur has me hooked). Here's a link to an almost identical recipe using all-purpose flour

Just got up to check tonight's dinner with my cute little yellow instant read Taylor thermometer. Told you I use it all the time.

Back to the pizza. Make your crust. Use your food processor if you have one. Super easy. Let it rise (45 minutes or so) and roll it nice and thin on a floured surface. Put it on a very lightly oiled baking sheet and bake it for about 5 minutes at 425 degrees to set the crust. Now it will be very easy to make your pizza on the grill. I used to do this first step on the grill and it can be done if you roll it out on a lightly cornmeal dusted surface, but honestly it's kind of tricky to get that wobbly dough on a grill and who needs a pizza stone for the grill. Too many gadgets.

Now flip the dough and put it on your lightly oiled and hot grill. Top it however you wish. Close the lid and "bake" for 5-15 minutes until toppings are nice and hot and how you like them.

I have an abundance of basil, so last week we simply brushed the dough with a nice layer of a yummy olive oil (big fan of Luccina), a little sea salt and pepper, freshly sliced farmer's market tomatoes, basil leaves and fresh mozzarella. Oh my!

The girls love grilled veggies (onions, red/yellow/orange peppers, mushrooms and etc.) with some shredded grilled chicken tenders (as mentioned in my last post), Muir Glen pizza sauce and mozzarella shreds.

Or maybe barbecue sauce (pick a good one, maybe a farmer's market find with a little heat), shredded rotisserie chicken (love the Costco chicken), red onion, cilantro and smoked gouda cheese shreds.

You get the idea.

Five minutes until dinner is ready. Got to run.


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