when Costco gives you too many lemons.....

Lazy hazy Thursday today. Played in a challenging tennis clinic for 90 minutes this morning. I literally dropped my slippery racquet on an overhead (did successfully execute the shot before letting my racquet fly). My team is competing in the playoffs next week and I better figure out two things quickly: what to use on my grip so the flying racquet incident is not repeated and how to keep my forehand rocking to keep my opponent nicely behind the baseline. Surely I'll get a grip (ha!) on my game.

In the meantime, I'm a little worthless today so I've done my weekly search for new music and recipes to avoid housework. Always can find a distraction. Found some great additions to the iTunes library (best song of the day "Where Would We Go?" by Rusty Anderson). Found a recipe for pink lemonade. Really, who makes pink lemonade? Apparently I do. Had a bag of Costco lemons and of course a few were going bad on me, so the lemon zester and the lemon press worked their magic in my hands just like Fine Cooking instructed. The pinkness is coming from making the base syrup with 2 C water, 1 1/2 C sugar and 1 C coarsely chopped strawberries. They are cooling in the pan with the zest of two lemons. All will be strained and poured into a pitcher with 2 C lemon juice (that's a lot of lemons, by the way) and 2 1/2 C cold water. Thinking I'll serve it over ice and follow the reviewers' advice to add vodka or limoncello. Thinking of a nice fresh raspberry and sprig of mint garnish. Another night of porch sitting is on the way. Lovely. Really, it's a long cold winter and it's time to start banking some of the balmy breezes and sunshine.


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