finding a little space

One of my favorite things my yoga teachers say is "find a little space, a little room".  Find it on your mat, in your pose and in your heart.  Many days during this yoga challenge I've found that the mental benefits carryover as well as the physical ones.  I finally got on my cross country skis today and flew along on the cold dry snow.  I love the silence of skiing.  I never need to disturb it with my iPod.  I love the schussing of the snow.  I love it even more on downhill skis on the slopes of Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, but today I just went there in my mind as I found my way through the woods in Carmel, Indiana.  Two very different ways to find the space, the room in my mind.  One so blessedly hot and steamy the other so divinely crisp and cold.  Namaste.

frozen fog 2010

Tomorrow is National Pie Day.  I am baking a new recipe for a blueberry pie with whole wheat pastry flour in the crust and red wine in the filling.  Fruit pies are one of my very favorite foods.  Yummmm..


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