Resolution: be kind to yourself

The new year's resolution people are out in full force.  Exhibit A:  Sixty very sweaty people at slow flow hot yoga Sunday afternoon at 4:30.  That's 60 people in a space that is much more comfortable with 20 or so, but there was certainly a lot of energy and heat in there.  I'm not a resolutions person.  Maybe it's because I can not abide New Year's Eve and it's theme of forced festivity.  More likely it is because I just don't view things in a linear way.  The years come and go so quickly, faster and faster every year.  I'm just trying to be present and see the good in every day.

Maybe your resolution is to be kinder to yourself.  I think if I had a resolution it would be to be kinder to others and to be kinder to myself.  I take good care of myself physically, but truly I could stand to give myself a break mentally and emotionally.  That's mainly why I am on day 8 of the 30 day yoga challenge.  The yoga calms all those thoughts and lists and worries racing around in my head.  At least it does when I let it.

So today after a nice challenging and hot vinyasa class I was just starving and in need of a delicious and quick hot lunch.  I cook for myself at lunch on a pretty regular basis.  Generally it is when I'm craving something hot and cheesy.  Friday morning I went to Panera Bread and stocked up on gingerbread bagels (after discovering that gingerbread loaf is no longer available at Starbucks, so tragic) and added to my order a big loaf of their tomato basil bread.  I love their mediterranean veggie sandwich (hummus, peppadew peppers, feta and assorted veggies) so today was my hot twist on that lunch time favorite.  I skipped the hummus today, but Saturday I made it with the last of my cilantro-jalepeno hummus from Trader Joe's (try it).  I own a panini press, but I was too hungry to wait for it to warm up so the good old non-stick pan was employed.

Be good to yourself and whip up a little hot lunch.  Personally, I am a whole lot nicer when I am well fed.

added a little salad because I am worth the effort

Grilled Veggie and Feta Sandwich

two slices tomato basil bread (sourdough or multi grain sourdough would be good too)
hummus (as above, it was not included today)
feta cheese
baby spinach leaves
fresh tomato slices
peppadew peppers (note, mine were the golden ones today but the red peppers are much easier to find)

If you are using a panini press, brush your bread with olive oil on both "outside" sides.  If you are using a non-stick pan on the stove, butter your bread (just seems to work better).  Place one buttered or oiled slice of bread buttered-side down on the pan or press.  Spread with hummus, sprinkle generously with feta cheese and top with spinach, tomatoes and peppers.  Top with second slice of bread, buttered-side up and grill until cheese melts, turning once if using the stove.

under construction

first flip ( a little too early)

it tasted as good as this looks


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