Saturday at the bakery

Had to get up nice and early Saturday morning to fit in day 27 of yoga before heading up to West Lafayette for the Purdue basketball game with Carolyn, a DG pledge sister.  Headed to the Broadripple studio with probably 40 other yogis and yoginis.  All this time I've thought the temperature goal to be between 92 and 95 and maybe that's what it is at my usual Clay Terrace studio, but in the Rip yesterday the goal was 101.  Forty hot yoga bodies and an hour later I was basically liquid.  I couldn't have been any wetter if I had just jumped in the pool.  You would think that I would head directly home and up the stairs to twist and turn myself out of my yoga clothes and into the shower.  That would have been the polite thing to do, but a little thought bubbled up in my head:  Rene's Bakery is open and I am in striking distance.  The thought that last week I had to have enjoyed at least one-quarter of the blueberry pie never entered my mind.

So I turned a few corners and saw the tiny, cute, vivid blue Renee's bakery busy behind the counter but empty but for me in front of the counter.  That was a blessing to any other potential patrons.  Picked out two gorgeous slices of cherry frangipani tart and one raspberry bread pudding (adorable individual muffin tin brimming with brioche, berries and glistening coarse sugar).  Thirty-six hours later and only a little help from Kelly and there are only a few crumbs.  Highly recommend a visit if you really want to spoil yourself or someone you love!  They are closed Monday and Tuesday for baking, so plan accordingly.  Oh, and they are tucked in on a tiny street so click the link and follow the map.  If you are going to have dessert, you might as well enjoy something truly fresh, handmade, gorgeous and decadent.

I'd love to provide a photo for you, but all I have is an empty box.  Next visit, I'll take my camera.  Can't promise anything will last long enough to pose for the camera at home!


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